Vet Visit

Today we had a visit from Wilbur the dog. We learnt about why it’s important to look after our pets and what happens when our pets go to the vet. It is important that we be kind to our pets and keep them safe and healthy.




Cool Calm Kids

Today Prep K took part in a program about sticking up for yourself called ‘Cool Calm Kids’. There was lots of role-playing involved and the Preps worked together with their Grade Six Buddies.







Healthy Sandwich Day

Today we made our own healthy sandwiches to eat for lunch. We tried some things we were not sure about and then just took them out if we really didn’t like the taste! We have learnt that eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit is really good for our bodies. Then we made our sandwiches again out of paper! We have had a great day at school.

Mother’s Day Pampering

Thank you to all the lovely mums and special women who joined us in our classroom yesterday. We hope you returned home with a smile on your face and feeling very loved. We wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and hope the special treatment continues for you!