Below are some Apps that we have been using in our classroom on our Prep K iPads.

Red Writing (make sure you set it on Victorian Modern Cursive)

Great for the correct formation of letters and practising handwriting.

Word Bingo (can be set on various levels)

Excellent for listening skills and literacy skills including spelling and reading.



Below are some games that we have played on our ‘Interactive TV’ in the classroom. Click on the links to play. Remember games are not about winning they are about having fun – enjoy!


Memory Letter & Picture Match – memory and sound skills

A.B.C.D Watermelon –can your child correctly identify the next letter in the alphabet?

Alphabet Antics


Mathletics – excellent resource to use at home. If you have misplaced your child’s username & password email me at and I will send it to you.

Count your chickens – one-to-one correspondence & number recognition – an essential numeracy & literacy skill


 Living & Non- Living things


Boogie Band Studio – a fun and challenging memory game


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